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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Canderous Ordo

(from Knights of the Old Republic)


Now that Hasbro has decided to aggressively enter the EU, a lot of my old customs are becoming obsolete. This is a good thing - as my Myrkr Luke was stuck in the '95 era, and Hasbro's version is a thousand times better. The bad part is now I have to use a buff Luke to make a new figure. Canderous seemed a good fit, as unlike wimpy farm boy Luke, he's supposed to be buff. The pants look like I painted on an intricate camo pattern, but really I painted the pants tan, and it looked bad, so I went over it with an olive green Sharpie, which covered just fine at first, but then started to fade in some areas. I liked the way it looked though, so I kept it.


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