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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs



(from Darklighter)


My original plans for Delund were scrapped when I found out that Hobbie had been sculpted with his Hoth hood - despite the fact that he's not in his snowspeeder gear. In fact, I was planning on plenty of Hobbie customs, which I can now no longer do, but that's beside the point. Also the Fel figure is just 1000 kinds of awful. I was quite excited by the two pack, but as you can guess, they totally missed the ball.

Where was I? Oh yeah - Delund. The helmets that the Rebel defectors wear instead of a standard TIE helmet feature a transparent full face mask (it's explained that it was done purely to show thier faces) so I took a Myrkyr Luke helmet, scrapped off some of the paint (and dicovered that there are ridges sculpted in) and colored it black.


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