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Jedime's Po' Boy Star Wars Customs


Yoda (Sith Lord)


Ever since I was royally screwed by the scumbags over at KebCo Toys (When I get the couple of hundred dollars that they stole from me by charging me my preorders and then never sending me my figures, I'll drop the grudge) I began ordering by the case from the quite wonderful Because I order by the case, I alway sget duplicate figures, but then I customize them. Yoda on Kybuck (a truely awesome figure byw) left me a bit thrown, however. There's not too many in-universe things that you can do with Yoda, and nothing to do with Kybuck at all. I've done Sith versions of Jeid character before, and I thought that this would be a good chance to also do an evil steed of sorts. I think my dark Kybuck came out really well, and while Yoda is more or less just a black suited repaint, I used a dark purple thin Sharpie on his wrinkles, and under his eyes to make his face a lot more sullen looking.

And just to make sure that the word continues to get out - never ever order from KebCo Toys, and don't bid on thier products on eBay. They are scum - and not the good Rebel kind!


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